Jervis Mobile Bars


Mobile BarsThis image shows a Jervis mobile bar at an event.

Our fully licenced mobile bars are specially set up to deal with any event. Over the last few years we have constantly worked on the cooling and cellar areas of the bars, so that we can deliver what we feel is a near perfect pint every time.

Each of our large bars has thirty lines and can if required stock up to six different draught products. Our virtually unique cooling and dispense set up means that no matter how hot it is outside our beer is always extra cold regardless how busy or large the event.

Say NO to pre-poured beer

As soon as a pint is poured it starts to warm up, with pre-poured beer from multi-dispense units you have no way of knowing how long your pint has been poured. That is why our staff always pour fresh drinks every time.This image shows the inside of one of Jervis Mobile Bars. Our bars have double the amount of pulls to the average mobile unit and and with our well trained staff we can dispense fresh beer just as fast (if not faster) than the average pre-pouring system.

Once again customer satisfaction is key to a good event and feedback shows that our fresh poured pints are preferred time after time.

This image shows a Jervis mobile bar at an event.